What you have glanced over, mistakenly landed on, read, giggled at, or frowned upon, is the work of myself, Garth.

I am an architect, artist and poet, living in Durban, South Africa.

All my work on this site is a mixture of original poetry, illustrations and children's stories. I enjoy injecting humour and emotion into all of my art, stories and poems which I hope you've picked up on while glancing through some of my work. If not. I'll try harder.

The reason for this website is up to you. If you like the things you see or want to get hold of me for any reason, send me a message from one of the options below. If you're interested in children's books, I have recently completed my first and is available in the store.

And lastly, tell a friend or a stranger, or tell a friend and a stranger about me. That would be nice.